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Hi Morne!

Thank you very much by your contribution! IMO, It's a great starting

Now I supose that it's time for the experienced translators to add
their own changes/contributions drawing a much precise protocol for

I belong to the beginners translators collective, and as such, what I
can suggest as a Recommendation is :

1) To establish "An *unique* recommended/tested/solid way" for the
translation process. (Optionally, verify/provide other possibilities)

2) In the adoption of that "main/solid" way, define a normalized
step-by-step procedure:

	2.1) (Verify) A standard technique/procedure to translate
	2.2) (Create) An ordered list of the total pages to be 		translated
	2.3) (Create) An ordered list of the pending pages to be translated
in a given language

Personally, I prefer to give the chance to reflect changes in the Wiki
to a much experienced translator, given that they have a better global
vision on the issue.

On 26/03/12 11:53, Morne Alberts wrote:
> Hi all
> I created an initial wiki page with the goal of explaining the 
> translation process:
> https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/how-translate-website.
> It is in a very rough state. It should get screenshots and probably
> be cleaned up. I don't have the time to do any more work on that
> wiki page so I will leave that as it is now.
> Let me know if you have any suggestions of how to expand that page.
> Or if you need any clarifications. For example, what would you as a
> "new translator" want to see to make this process easier? Or even
> better, if anyone wants to add to that page or explain it in more
> detail, go for it.
> Just don't translate that wiki page now. Once the page is better
> and has more content that page should also be translated.
> On 2012-03-25 01:35, blackbit wrote:
>> Alessandro, you also reflect the same problems I was found in the
>> forum posts as well as my own (little but real) experience about
>> Trisquel Translations...
>> Actually I receive inputs with the best intention from Trisquel 
>> members/translators to facilitate the task of translation but
>> none of that inputs were coordinated in a structured/defined
>> standard and unique way to develope our translation efforts...
>> I found this as a terrible handicap at the time to give our time
>> to contribute in an efficient way to the Trisquel Project... 
>> https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/how-translate-website So, now with
>> the upcoming delayed release of Trisquel 5.5 I hope that we all
>> together can do an organization and a collaborative effort to 
>> establish a protocol/standard unified way to translate Trisquel
>> website to any possible language.
>> I supose that the direct help/support/coordination of the
>> Trisquel Main Maintainer/developer would be necessary to
>> succesful achive this goal, so lets rock with the Trisquel
>> Translation project!
>> On 25/03/12 00:03, Alessandro Matsetes Mazza wrote:
>>> I'm very happy, I found other people that think that the
>>> translators need more help. In my case we (the italian team)
>>> were always on IRC waiting quidam for talking to him about
>>> strings untranslatable on the website, now we hope that, after
>>> the new release this situation can be fixed. For too much time
>>> the Italian home page of Trisquel had the description of the
>>> distro in french, now we have "Preguntas frequentes" (spanish)
>>> as title of the FAQ section... I also think that this mailing
>>> list could help very much with the doubts we have every day
>>> with the translations. I hope that this will be the start of a
>>> very good collaboration between translators of all languages
>>> for fixing troubles and helping our selves. Sorry for the poor
>>> english... Matsetes
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