[Trisquel-translators] Improving translation efforts. Proposal for processes and better organization

blackbit blackbit at member.fsf.org
Sun Mar 25 00:35:07 CET 2012

Alessandro, you also reflect the same problems I was found in the forum
posts as well as my own (little but real) experience about Trisquel

Actually I receive inputs with the best intention from Trisquel
members/translators to facilitate the task of translation but none of
that inputs were coordinated in a structured/defined standard and unique
way to develope our translation efforts...

I found this as a terrible handicap at the time to give our time to
contribute in an efficient way to the Trisquel Project...

So, now with the upcoming delayed release of Trisquel 5.5 I hope that we
all together can do an organization and a collaborative effort to
establish a protocol/standard unified way to translate Trisquel website
to any possible language.

I supose that the direct help/support/coordination of the Trisquel Main
Maintainer/developer would be necessary to succesful achive this goal,
so lets rock with the Trisquel Translation project!

On 25/03/12 00:03, Alessandro Matsetes Mazza wrote:
> I'm very happy, I found other people that think that the translators
> need more help.
> In my case we (the italian team) were always on IRC waiting quidam for
> talking to him about strings untranslatable on the website, now we hope
> that, after the new release this situation can be fixed. For too much
> time the Italian home page of Trisquel had the description of the distro
> in french, now we have "Preguntas frequentes" (spanish) as title of the
> FAQ section...
> I also think that this mailing list could help very much with the doubts
> we have every day with the translations.
> I hope that this will be the start of a very good collaboration between
> translators of all languages for fixing troubles and helping our selves.
> Sorry for the poor english...
> Matsetes

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