[Trisquel-translators] Improving translation efforts. Proposal for processes and better organization

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Sat Mar 24 17:52:34 CET 2012

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Hi to all,

Thanks to the support of various translators/members of Trisquel
community I could made me an aproximate idea about what is the actual
state of the infraestructure/developtment/coordination in the area of
Trisquel Translations.

After reading a bit on this topic, I found some complaints related to
the previous points. In addition, In my personal case, I also think
that Trisquel actually lacks a better organization/definition of
processes/documentation for the new beginners/translators.

This is the last comment I located from Quidam (Rubén) related to this

- ---[Dated: 13 February, 2012]------------------------------------------

It is true that we need to revamp the translation project, which by
now requires too much admin help for the volunteers to be able to
help. I'm not sure the solution is making a more defined coordination,
but to allow anyone to contribute without the need of a supervisor
whenever that is possible, to get a more horizontal organization. We
can achieve this by improving the work tools and the documentation.
That's what we have been doing lately with the development part
(sending code and patching packages is now incredibly easy), and
that's what today I started to do with the translation services too.

I have made some changes to the menus to make them language
independent, and I've also modified the download page to make it fully
translatable (all lines are now system strings managed by the t()
drupal function). I'll do the same to any other pages which are not nodes.

On top of that I have installed a string translation utility (drupal's
l10n_client), which is now shown to any user with the translator role.
This tool allows to rapidly translate any string in the site which is
not the content of a node (nodes are news, wiki entries, faq entries,
and so on), like the drupal interface strings or any other short
phrase placed outside of a node.

Tomorrow I will set an script to automatically add all users in the
translation role to the translation mailing list, and send this text
there too.
I'll publish a front page article as soon as the new improvements are
tested and all the site is effectively translatable without admin
intervention, to allow for more languages to be added easily.

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

I think that not all of the compromises cited in the previous
text/post were achieved on 24-March-2012. Anyway, even if they were,
In my opinion, it would be a KEY OBJECTIVE to provide to the new
AS-EASY-AS-POSSIBLE STANDARD PROCEDURE for an uniform way to translate
trisquel.info website

In this sense, I consider that the measure of quidam to let users to
be able to self-manage the Translation system is good, but would
require to apply the KEYS cited before to provide an efficient/easy
way to work with translations.

In the measure of my possibilities, I could try to help with this issue.

What do you girls/boys think anout this ?

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