[Trisquel-devel] Install testing as per... 2020/07/10 i686 stuff

Leny leny2010 at protonmail.com
Sun Jul 12 06:34:40 CEST 2020

I tested i686 apart from Trisquel and Triskel netinsts tonight.  That
was because my very aged Libreboot X60 died on me.  I also tested a
console only amd64 netinst and that went fine.  No new problems found.

* LE-30 again LibreOffice Base missing a database driver.  That is the
  database driver for .odb files.

I can confirm LE-30 exists in the Live i686 Triskel and Trisquel isos
as well as the installed systems.

I don't think I need to complete an all perm's and comb's testing of
i686.  In any event my remaining 386 machine has its max of 1.25GiB
RAM so it's unlikely to run Triskel.

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