[Trisquel-devel] Install testing as per the dev meeting 2020/06/05, 2020/06/26 and 2020/07/10

Leny leny2010 at protonmail.com
Sat Jul 11 23:30:20 CEST 2020

I did some amd64 install testing from the new isos 2020-07-10-11.  All
but one of the installs were successful.  With one exception the
installed systems worked as well as can be expected (KDE was a bit
ropey in 18.04).

First the two issues I believe have enough priority to be fixed before

* LE-29 Triskel netinstall fails after tasksel

The log screen shows it's because triskel-recommended depends on
plasma-nm but it is not going to be installed.

* LE-30 In both Trisquel and Triskel trying to create a test local
  database with LibreOffice Base fails because the sdbc driver is

"The connection to the data source 'testdatabase' could
 not be established.

 The connection to the external data source could not be
 established. No SDBC driver was found for the URL

When I found this for the second time in Trisquel I found it was fixed
by a

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb

Which also pulled in a few dependencies.

HSQLDB databases are the only type of database the user is given the
option of creating in LibreOffice Base as shipped.


The rest are cos I spent 40 minutes or so systematically going through
the Triskel launcher menus and starting each one.  Didn't finish all
of the menus.  As Luis said, they are upstream KDE bugs.

* LE-31 launching Kontact opens a two frames, starts Akondai server and
  then prompts you for your own contact details including email.  The
  original two frames disappear within a few seconds.  Might be
  they're SEGFAULTing.  The fact you have to launch Kontact again after
  creating an email account suggests this might be the case.

* LE-32 Amarok SEGFAULTs trying to download the Magnatune (plugin)
  catalog if you type in a Download account details.

* LE-33 Launching Applications > Internet > IM Contacts results in two
  frames.  The top one asks you if you want to configure any IM
  accounts now.  Replying Cancel closes the frames then two or three
  seconds later the parent frame (empty contacts list) disappears.

* LE-34 Launching Applications > Multimedia > Disk Burning (k3b)
  results ina dialog saying MP3 decoder plugin cannot be found.

* LE-35 Applications > Multimedia > KMix doesn't launch anything.  It
  does show a Kmix entry in the panel for a few seconds.


i686 testing tonight.

Leny / Andrew

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