[Trisquel-devel] New Trisquel 8 development images

David Hunt dahunt at posteo.de
Thu Dec 28 00:32:34 CET 2017

When booting the 64-bit version of this release candidate, I found that 
the screen reader did not start automatically, I waited over 2 minutes. 
Is this by design? I could launch the screen reader using the keystroke, 
"alt+super+s", (the default toggle), so this is fine, and should please 
all.  Once I got screen reader going, it provided the expected access to 
the desktop, panel, indicators, and most of the installed applications. 
Pidgin, however, is no longer accessible with the screen reader. Also, 
the interaction with the latest Abrowser is a bit strange--some pages 
cannot be read correctly, and navigation links, like "skip to content" 
do not seem to move the focus. In other distros, I've used orca, pulled 
and built from the master branch, and find that these problems with 
Mozilla browser 57 have been addressed. For the moment, I am using 
icecat, where these reading problems don't seem to happen. Options: 
build orca from master, or recommend that people who need orca use icecat.

I'm glad to note that, after installation, the login screen came up 
talking; what's more, my settings, used for the installation and testing 
the live image, were retained and applied to the user, setup during 

Can anyone test the other accessibility features, such as the magnifier?

Kind Regards,

Dave  Hunt

On 12/24/2017 12:26 AM, Rubén Rodríguez wrote:
>   * Accessibility: test that the screen reader and other accessibility
> features work as expected.

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