[Trisquel-devel] Trisquel 4 preinstalled translations

Quiliro Ordóñez quiliro at gmail.com
Mon May 31 04:35:52 CEST 2010

El 28 de mayo de 2010 09:27, Rubén Rodríguez <ruben en trisquel.info> escribió:

> We should think about making some changes in our list of preinstalled
> languages for this next release. The way the installer works -it is
> translated to all languages, and if the system is connected to the
> internet it will download any required translation during the install
> process- brings us several possibilities:
> We can remove all the preinstalled languages and make room for more
> applications or even advocacy works like audio, video and text files.
> We can also choose to keep those translations -for those users with no
> internet connection-, and we can change the default selection if needed.
> Another option is to create a DVD with all the translations installed.
> Ideas?

I don't think it is necesary to install several languages. Only the selected
language is necesary unless some packages require them or do not have the
help files for that particular language. In any case, in Ecuador it is not
very easy that everyone have internet and even less so in Cuba. This is a
limitation to install them from the net, specially in an installfest.
Nevertheless, having a DVD version of the distro might be very long to
record and consecuently to distribute to more people and places.

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