[Trisquel-devel] Trisquel Mini: Post-beta test

roeplay at lavabit.com roeplay at lavabit.com
Fri May 14 18:15:00 CEST 2010

>> --Gnome-help does not work (is it left uninstalled to conserve space?)
--Yelp is left uninstalled (Gnumeric relies on it to display offline
help, and perhaps other applications also)
> Those are both the same issue. We can include back yelp, I thought no
apps were needing it.

Yes, Gnome help is a must.

>> --"Add and Remove Applications" is missing
> Yes, I didn't include it since it does not work well by now.

What do you mean?

And if it doesn't work well, what can it be replaced with? A new user may
find it difficult to work with Synaptic.

>> --USB startup disk creator (~0.3 MB) is missing
> Yes, that one needs some rebranding.

Is it possible for me to help in this area?

>> --In software sources, under Updates tab: "Show new distribution
releases" should be changed from "Long Term Support releases only" to
"normal releases"
> Hmmm, since this is a LTS release, I'm not sure about that.

That sounds like a good idea. In STS releases, it upgrades by default to
the next release, whereas in LTS releases, by default it waits until the
next LTS release.

>> Also, the clock format could be improved. Currently it displays 24 hr.
"military time". For it to display common 12-hour time with AM or PM,
change the Clock Format input text to: %l:%M %p
> I don't know which one is the most common internationally.

12-hour time with AM or PM is the most common in North America and the UK.
In most of Europe, 24-hour time is commonly used. In Latin America and
many Asian countries it can be either one, sometimes depending on context.
See this Wikipedia article:

24-hour time works, but I think 12-hour time will be recognized by the
most users.

>> --Spell check does not work at all in either Abiword or Epiphany
> You need to install the language pack, same issue as the translations.

Is it difficult to have it installed by default?

>> --Screenshots cannot be taken (although it isn't worth the 40 MB of
> Including xfce4-screenshooter should be enough.

The problem is that xfce4-screenshooter relies on the same huge list of
libraries as the GNOME screenshot utility.

>> --In a bunch of different applications, external links to online help
or whatever do not work because they can't find child process
>> "firefox". It needs to be set to work with Epiphany.
>> --The Epiphany ogg player (tested on Wikimedia Commons .ogg music and
the gnu.org Stephen Fry video) does not show the time position and is
unable to seek forwards or backwards
> We will probably move to Midori. Please install and test it.

I will test Midori and tell you if Midori has these same issues (or if
Midori has problems that Epiphany does not). If the two browsers are
roughly equal, then let's choose the more lightweight one, which I'm
assuming is Midori.

>> --CDs and external drives do not mount when properly connected
> We can only wait for lxde to implement it, or find an alternative
automount daemon.

Do you know of any?

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