[Trisquel-devel] Midori in Trisquel Mini beta post-testing

roeplay at lavabit.com roeplay at lavabit.com
Sat May 15 06:35:14 CEST 2010

I have tested Midori.

Midori has the following advantages in terms of features that Epiphany
currently lacks. Everything else (like .ogg playback, for example) was
identical in both browsers:

-- A handy speed dial page upon opening new tabs, which allows you to
access your top nine websites with ease
-- A neater page source viewer; by default, source opens in the browser
with proper formatting, color coding, and line numbers
-- The external text editor, download manager, and feed aggregator can all
be easily configured from the options
-- Zooms both text AND images
-- Can recover previously closed tabs with the click of a mouse
-- Can resume on closing (like in Firefox)
-- Multiple options for handling .pdf files (similar to Firefox's famous
PDF Download extension)
-- Very stable (unlike Epiphany, which crashed a couple of times when I
tested it)

I noticed just a few problems when testing Midori that did not occur in

-- Midori seems to have more errors in rendering pages sometimes, which is
odd since both Midori and Epiphany rely on Webkit.
-- GNASH appears to have slower playback (perhaps this one is even my
-- Extremely simple default downloader
-- Sometimes fails to load pages altogether, mysteriously

Overall, I believe Midori to be the superior choice for Trisquel Mini.
YouTube videos work with the "Youtube without Flash Auto" userscript
installed in combination with the totem-mozilla package (0.5 MB), but for
some reason in Midori the videos will not autoplay and begin at zero
volume. To get YouTube videos working, all versions of Trisquel should
have this userscript in the browser.

On another subject, I've installed Yelp (~9 MB) and most applications'
documentation works now. However, in Gnumeric and Epiphany, when I click
try to open help files, I get a window with the error message: "The
Requested URI "ghelp:[app name] is invalid". I would like to know what
that issue comes from and what needs to be fixed. If we decide on Midori
for the browser, the issue exists only in Gnumeric.

Sylpheed's documentation (1.5 MB) is currently missing.

Also, Pidgin looks for "mozilla" when I try to open its help files, and
thus cannot access them.

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