[Trisquel-devel] Trisquel Gamer 3.5

David Zaragoza mclaud2000 at tutopia.com
Fri Apr 23 01:58:32 CEST 2010

On 22/4/2010 4:57 PM, Rubén Rodríguez Pérez wrote:
> Some questions, though:
> - Are all the included packages coming straight from the awen repo?
> - Are the customization files (scripts, config files, etc) in the form
> of a deb package?
No. I don't know how to make a Debian package, but I'm willing to learn.
> - Can you list those customization files?
Sure, but there are a lot! In the live DVD the modified directories are:

- /etc/gdm/PreSession : The script mount-usb.py is here.
- /usr/share/desktop-directories : Created the new game categories.
- /usr/share/applications : Modified all .desktop files to assign them
to the new categories.
- /usr/share/pixmaps : Added some icons for games that lacked one.
- /etc/xdg/menus : Modified the applications, settings and gnomecc menus.
> - Is there a metapackage for the game list?
Again, I don't know how to make a Debian package, but making one with
the game list should be easy.
> - Can you briefly explain the build or customization work you did?
There's a detailed list of the customization at
http://trisquel.info/en/wiki/changelog and
http://trisquel.info/en/wiki/next-release-1. But the most relevant
things are:
- Created a script to automatically detect and mount an USB flash drive
as /home/Trisquel using unionfs-fuse.
- Removed most applications and language packs from the Trisquel 3.5
live cd.
- Removed all icons from the desktop and added new categories to the
main menu.
- Installed the 55 games.
> - I assume the iso is i386; could you do a amd64 one?
The iso is i386, but this is intentional: I want Trisquel Gamer to be as
easy to use as possible: There's no installation, language selection,
boot options, no applications besides the web browser, etc. In the
hardware side, I want it to be compatible with the hardware listed at
the system requirements page
http://trisquel.info/en/wiki/system-requirements, but most Pentium 4
chips doesn't have the amd64 extensions, so they would not be compatible.

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