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Luis Felipe López Acevedo introsmedia at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 22:46:05 CEST 2010

Hello all.

I'd like to help improve the documentation for Trisquel and I think we need
to define some things before we start to write more documents:

1. Contents of the Documentation Set
2. Writing process
3. Where to start

1. Contents of the Documentation Set

First of all, I'd like to propose the following documentation set:


As I say in the document above, that could be the main page that users would
see when they click on the "Documentation" link in the website or when they
go to "System → Help and Support" in the operating system.

I'm refering to users here, but since every user is a potential contributor,
this documentation set also includes relevant information for anyone
wondering how to contribute, and that's what the document at the end of the
list is for. So, I see this main page as the entry point for anyone looking
for information about Trisquel, its community, and its development process.

2. Writing process

I haven't thought much about this but my idea is that the writing process
and the methodology used for other tasks such as artwork and development
should be documented in the "Contributing Manual".

As we don't have any guidelines yet, I think we can start with a simple
guideline based on what we have talked in #trisquel channel:

The main source for documentation would be the wiki and the default language
would be English. Later, we could convert to DocBook any documentation we
need to include in the system.

3. Where to start

I'm not familiar with the features of the wiki module for Drupal and I
haven't found documentation for it, but I was thinking of leaving the
current documentation as it is right now and start a new book in the wiki to
define the new structure. Then, when the new structure is ready, we could
start to reparent the current books and child pages.

What do you think?

Luis Felipe López Acevedo
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