[Trisquel-translators] Romanian translation

Morne Alberts morne at malberts.net
Mon Jul 16 19:28:10 CEST 2012

Hi Iurie

> Please, can you activate the Romanian (ro) language for
> trisquel.info?

The current condition for getting a language activated is that you must
have at least 3 translators. It might be possible for a language to be
enabled it you are less than 3 and you have already translated most of
the content, but you will have to show that you intend to be active. If
new content translations are not kept up to date it looks bad.

We have some documentation [1] on the translation process. We also have
a (possibly out of date) list of content [2] on the website.

Here is a quick summary on getting started:
1. Ask for Translator permissions;
2. Start translating content and saving it locally;
3. When you have a team or most of the content is translated, ask for
the language to be enabled.

In all cases, you must contact user 'quidam' in the #trisquel IRC channel.

[1] https://trisquel.info/wiki/website-translations
[2] https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/list-all-pages

Morne Alberts

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