[Trisquel-devel] Social media presence for Trisquel

David Rodriguez david at trisquel.info
Sun Jun 23 18:50:40 CEST 2019

Hello, Jonathan!

Thanks for your suggestion and your kind offer, social media presence is clearly one of the aspects that we have to get much better at.

I know we've talked about this topic some times in the past on our usual channels; We've got to get back up-to-date regarding the best options that suit our principles and we'll come up with a plan to be more active and implicate our wonderful community in this effort.

Thanks again, we'll talk again about this soon :-)

El 23 de junio de 2019 17:09:12 CEST, "Jonathan Sélea" <jonathan at selea.se> escribió:
>Please excuse me if this is the wrong channel, and if this is not
>suited here - please direct me to the correct person or channel :)
>Would it make sense for the Trisquel GNU/Linux project to establish a
>presence on social medias like Mastodon? There is already many
>GNU+Linux users on the network and if Trisquel could establish a
>presence there, I am convinced that it would gain a significant amount
>of followers and possible more users and contributors.
>Also, I personally would like to contribute more to Trisquel and would
>gladly help manage the "official Trisquel account" on mastodon if you
>need help with that.
>If you want to talk about it further, it would be fun to participate in
>the talks :)
>Jonathan Sélea
>PGP Key: 0x8B35B3C894B964DD
>Fingerprint: 4AF2 10DE 996B 673C 0FD8  AFA0 8B35 B3C8 94B9 64DD
>Mastodon: @selea at social.linux.pizza
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