[Trisquel-devel] Social media presence for Trisquel

Jonathan Sélea jonathan at selea.se
Sun Jun 23 17:09:12 CEST 2019


Please excuse me if this is the wrong channel, and if this is not
suited here - please direct me to the correct person or channel :)

Would it make sense for the Trisquel GNU/Linux project to establish a
presence on social medias like Mastodon? There is already many
GNU+Linux users on the network and if Trisquel could establish a
presence there, I am convinced that it would gain a significant amount
of followers and possible more users and contributors.

Also, I personally would like to contribute more to Trisquel and would
gladly help manage the "official Trisquel account" on mastodon if you
need help with that.

If you want to talk about it further, it would be fun to participate in
the talks :)

Jonathan Sélea

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