[Trisquel-devel] Trisquel FR Wiki Team needs to solve wiki issues + T8 GNUpdf project

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Sat Oct 8 22:56:25 CEST 2016

> Dear Trisquel team (Aklis, Quidam, David, SirGrant)
> Here are below 3 request :
> A brief Summary :
> A. From a small team working on the French wiki that cannot solve
> certain technical issues without a contact with the administrator of the
> website Trisquel.info
> B. From members who wish to be added as French translators
> C. Last but not least from a member HKR who has a project to include a
> Free Software introduction guide with examples inside the next release
> of Trisquel 8 Flidas if this is possible and how he can submit this .
> We have organized ourselves by using Framavox (1) along with a Jabber
> Channel to enable friendly communication (& coordination) between
> ourselves. We use framapad to make some collaboration (like translating
> Freedom Friday (3) or to write this email) and in the future we plan to
> use Framaboard (2) to list all the tasks that are needed to be done and
> to have more visibility about our progress in time.
> Our goal is to reorganize the French wiki and set up a form of structure
> that will permit a better way to encourage submissions in a user
> friendly way.Translating other documentation & the Freedom Fridays
> (already started) (3) will also be an objective .hopefully our team will
> get bigger,and that it's structure will last in time.
> Our achievements since have been:
> Changing the general organization of the layout into main themes with
> sub menu with manuals (4)
> Tracking some duplicate & obsolete information into the same manuals. (D)
> Translating manuals page from englist to french (A) or vice-versa
> Creating additional manual pages (B) 45 newly created pages since June
> Listing all manual pages here (5) and (re)create rules to organized
> them. (E)
> Actually our main goal is to improve the French wiki which was lacking
> very basic manual pages. (we expect to integrate French wiki page in
> Trisquel 8 if it is enough ready and if the Trisquel main team allow us)
> Project GNUpdf :
> Another project is to add content from the GNU web site (7) into the
> Trisquel 8 OS iso for teaching free software values to new users (6)
> even in Live mode very similar to what was done in gNewSense 2.3 Deltah
> with an example Folder which contained a pdf of Richard Stallman,an RSS
> ogg song & a small video (6)
> Requests:
> We need to be contact we the person who administrates the web site in
> order to solve some technical issues we encountered and cannot solve
> unless this can be done by the usual "Issues" channel
> As an exemple :
> Please suppress this page (C) because we have to move them or there are
> another manual about the same topic.
> We also need all french manual adresses (0) because recently we discoved
> that some manual are not listed any where.
> Some of us wish to be added to the translators list
> Some observations made about the Trisquel website and enthusiastic people :
> We read all the translator mailling list and often there are some
> enthusiatic people that want to help by making translations on their
> langage, or translate a part of the Trisquel web site (F) but at the end
> it's trisquel site that block everything because their need to ask
> administrator permissions (to change this or update that) which lack of
> time to do that.
> have got a you a solution to solve this?
> Does Trisquel web site have his own git reposirory ? It's would be great
> idea to improve it by just making a pull request (by using gitlab)
> Best Regards
> HKR, Mangy Dog, Mimmo_D. DDN
> A :
> https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki/thinkpenguin
> B :
> The list of the 45 newly added Manuels
> https://framavox.org/d/qkZXKp9J/liste-des-nouvelles-contributions-de-mai-au-04-septembre-2016
> C :
> https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki/tous-les-manuels
> https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki/se-connecter-et-utiliser-linternet
> (changer le lien dans le wiki)
> https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki/tor (aprés la fusion des deux manuels Tor
> effacer ce lien)
> D : https://trisquel.info/fr/node/1822
> https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki/ajouter-un-nouveau-manuel-daide
> https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki/versions
> and some others
> E : https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki/ajouter-un-nouveau-manuel-daide
> F :
> https://listas.trisquel.info/pipermail/trisquel-translators/2014-May/000064.html
> 0 : https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki
> 1 : we use it like a forum page, see
> https://framavox.org/g/qvQjhlDZ/trisquel_frbut it's a decision tool like
> loomio
> 2 : example link
> https://trisquel_fr.framaboard.org/?controller=board&action=readonly&token=fafd56d7c3dcfa1d65fa1f792f3cfb27a558428cb4166ae52937f593badf
> 3 :
> https://trisquel.info/fr/forum/traduction-des-rapports-davancements-publi%C3%A9s-les-vendredi-par-ruben-quidam
> 4 : https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki/manuel
> 5 :
> https://trisquel.info/fr/wiki/liste-des-manuels-par-ordre-alphab%C3%A9tique
> 6 :
> https://trisquel.info/en/forum/explaination-about-free-software-mouvement-and-trisquel-trisquel-8-flidas
> 7 : we want to convert gnu html pages to pdf. We are going to make that
> for all language available for one page. Here a bash script to do that
> :https://devel.trisquel.info/hkr/gnutopdf
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