[Trisquel-devel] Issue tracker cleanup

Andrew 'Leny' Lindley andrew at andrewlindley.co.uk
Wed Jan 14 20:47:57 CET 2015

From: Rubén Rodríguez Pérez <ruben at trisquel.info>
> * I think the two FSDG related lists should be merged. Discuss.

Well going to one list doesn't remove any technical properties
compared with what we currently have.  But what does it achieve that
the [GFSD] tag and advanced search doesn't do?  If there's to be
triaging (which I welcome) then a simple text tag as part of the
necessary triager's update would be integrated into the normal
workflow and the system can handle the drudgery of keeping the list
automatically.  Manually maintained lists of this sort are, like maps,
generally out of date shortly after they have been made.

If OTOH we were to have a meta list of FSDG bugs which are e.g. to be
closed as a release goal for 6.0.2 or whatever, then I'm all for
that.  But this is really just a flavour of the generic point from ESR
that if devs publish their lists of what they intend doing which
others can do, then volunteers will inevitably contribute to those

> The next steps are going to be towards simplifying the tracker in
> general, to avoid some confusing points (like statuses, priorities,
> categories and components), implementing a triaging system, and adapting
> the workflow to use with the git repos and merge requests.

Can we see a copy of the proposed workflow?  Even if it's just a
sketch / outline.  If the tracker is being simplified then we should be
able to approximate the new workflow with the existing tracker and some
explanatory text in updates[1].  I for one would like to be a 'tester' on
that basis.  Particularly since I have no idea what the current
tracker workflow is _supposed_ to be.[2] 

A related point is that if you were to simplify 'component' to the
categories of those list Issues and 'other' and surface that in
advanced search, the system would then address the use case at hand.
Might as well make the system behave the way we use it if you and
Aklis are updating it :)


[1] e.g. 'New tracker status = Merge Request Submitted'
[2] If there is some documentation a link would be appreciated

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