[Trisquel-devel] Pull request howto

Andrew 'Leny' Lindley andrew at andrewlindley.co.uk
Wed Jan 7 11:03:56 CET 2015

Hi fr33domlover,

You seem to be managing with the old package-helper instructions,
which are near enough.  However, here's what I was doing to test
packages during the alpha.  First building the binary package

In a non-jail/chroot shell navigate to the
~/package-helpers/helpers/PACKAGES/<package-name> directory where the
source package you've made is and issue a pbuilder --build of the

sudo HOME=/home/leny DIST=belenos ARCH=amd64 pbuilder --build zip_3.0-8+7.0trisquel19.*

This builds the package in a chroot jail for you.  Then from
~/.pbuilderrc the binary packages are put here


I was then installing the binary package in a qemu-kvm guest for each
arch (updated to latest maintenance level), sanity checking the
function of the binary, any code changes and confirming any doc /
control file changes had made it through to the binary.

I also did something similar with jenkins builds and the repos they
create.  But speak to aklis(Santi) about those.  

The caveat with this is like you I've never done this sort of thing
with another distro - just I've had a few more goes at it. :)


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