[Trisquel-devel] New antispam measures

ruben at trisquel.info ruben at trisquel.info
Tue Sep 3 03:49:08 CEST 2013

>> Using the "New Identity" option fixed it though.
> Things like that are likely to happen if we use this kind of measures,
> you may trigger the ip blacklist check (http:BL list) or maybe the
> useragent or other browser capability is getting rejected.

I've checked and the error was caused by your Tor exit being in a
blacklist, as shown in the support link you got.
I've whitelisted the most usual useragent the Tor browser uses to identify
itself (a disguise), so it should work now. If the problem appears again,
please send the support link as last time, complete with the useragent
TorBrowser is using (by checking extensions.torbutton.useragent_override in

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