[Trisquel-devel] Toutatis 6.0.1 update release ready for testing

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at trisquel.info
Sun Aug 25 21:29:00 CEST 2013

As a result of a bug in the build process for our current images, that
under certain conditions would make use of google's dns servers, and
also to take the oportunity to include all upgrades to date in the iso
images, I've prepared a new set that is available for testing at the
usual place: http://devel.trisquel.info/makeiso/iso/

A short changelog:

* Google dns servers are no longer listed as a fallback in resolvconf.
* The i386 image does no longer make use of the pae kernel, leaving that
for the user to do after installation. Same goes for the netinst.
* Abrowser's privacy settings have been polished, disabling features
that may send data to third parties.
* All upgrades to date, as inherited from Ubuntu 12.04.3

The upgraded images are not yet available in the cdimage server, as they
need some testing first. Being updates to the already existing work, the
testing should be short and easy.


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