[Trisquel-devel] Taranis security update release 4.0.1

Rubén Rodríguez ruben at gnu.org
Sat Sep 25 03:55:43 CEST 2010

Today we published a minor release numbered 4.0.1, which fixes:

    * USN-990-1: OpenSSL vulnerability
    * USN-986-3: dpkg vulnerability
    * USN-986-1: bzip2 vulnerability
    * USN-988-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities

The last one is a grave kernel security bug allowing users of the amd64
architecture to gain root privileges (CVE-2010-3081). That bug was
already fixed via package updates the same day Taranis was published,
but being a Long Term Support release we thought it would be better to
have it fixed in the live CD as well.

We also fixed several Trisquel own bugs:

    * #2401: "Install Trisquel" boots into Live CD environment
    * #2369: No automatic login despite option being selected in
    * #2268: Radeon error messages on boot up and shutdown
    * #2386: Blank screen on systems installed with safe graphics, and
incorrect boot splash

All this fixes can be applied by normally updating the system, and
reinstalling it is not needed.

We would like to thank the users who reported said issues, for their
patience and for helping us to improve Trisquel. We would also like to
take this moment to thank the community for their support, since this
edition was the first to be compiled and served entirely using servers
rented through donations.

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