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Mie Ene 16 15:14:53 CET 2019

Bueno esa no es la manera de dialogar. De igual modo lo que dice el FAQ de  
telegram sobre el cifrado no es muy convincente. Yo uso solo la version de  
escritorio y ellos dicen al respecto "Desktops are less personal

We log in from many places on web and desktop. Many of our desktops are  
monitored by network administrators at work, or accessed by family members at  
home. We often leave our desktops and even laptops unattended. It's much  
easier to keep an eye on your phone."

sigue >

"Secret chats require permanent storage on the device, something that  
Telegram Desktop and Telegram Web don’t support at the moment. We may add  
this in the future."

"Most of our competitors (notably, Whatsapp and iMessage) solve these  
problems in ways that make their end-to-end encryption useless (this is a big  
topic, so requires a separate manual). To solve them in a secure way, you’d  
have to sacrifice usability and some of the features you’re used to – the  
result would never be as fluent and simple as what we offer in Cloud Chats. "

Nunca he usado wattsuup ¿como funciona el e2e allí? si es que realmente  

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