[Trisquel-users] Off-topic: The end of Freedom in GitHub

jason at bluehome.net jason at bluehome.net
Wed Jul 31 02:53:14 CEST 2019

"can also explicitly prohibit anyone from using it without violating GNU GPL"

A point of order: Publishing a program under the GPLv3 and including that  
would probably be a "further restriction" within the meaning of section 10 of  

This seems similar to what happens when programs are released under the GPLv3  
but say they're only for "non-commercial use" or "personal use only" or some  
such thing.

The GPL's answer to these types of situations is: "If the Program as you  
received it, or any part of it, contains a notice stating that it is governed  
by this License along with a term that is a further restriction, you may  
remove that term..." :)

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