[Trisquel-users] Off-topic: The end of Freedom in GitHub

Narcis Garcia informatica at actiu.net
Tue Jul 30 09:28:27 CEST 2019

Sure, you are free (for example) to select your project members by race,
and anti-racist people are free to migrate to another platform.
Let's fitght to keep freedom on platform selection.

gitlab.org is another example for self-hosting and/or self-management.

El 30/7/19 a les 7:22, xliang9550 at live.cn ha escrit:
> It's not good to censor the developers in "Enemies of United States".
> But this is not relevant to freedom. "Accessibility" is not an inherent
> requirement of freedom. (See "Four Essential Freedoms", there is no
> "accessibility".)
> To be more specific, I can publish a GNU GPL v3-or-Later licensed
> free/libre software, but I can also explicitly prohibit anyone from
> using it without violating GNU GPL. I don't violate a free/libre license
> as long as I grant the "user subset" four essential freedoms. Anyone not
> belonging to the "user subset" cannot force me to share the source code
> to him. I don't need to care the freedom of "non-user" of the free/libre
> software.
> To be very extreme, I can write a free/libre software and NOT to share
> it with anyone. In other words, anyone else don't even know the
> existence of the free/libre software. Then this is called a "trivial
> free/libre software". Though it does no good, it does no bad (as
> proprietary software does) either.

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