[Trisquel-users] Off-topic: The end of Freedom in GitHub

xliang9550 at live.cn xliang9550 at live.cn
Tue Jul 30 07:22:34 CEST 2019

It's not good to censor the developers in "Enemies of United States". But  
this is not relevant to freedom. "Accessibility" is not an inherent  
requirement of freedom. (See "Four Essential Freedoms", there is no  

To be more specific, I can publish a GNU GPL v3-or-Later licensed free/libre  
software, but I can also explicitly prohibit anyone from using it without  
violating GNU GPL. I don't violate a free/libre license as long as I grant  
the "user subset" four essential freedoms. Anyone not belonging to the "user  
subset" cannot force me to share the source code to him. I don't need to care  
the freedom of "non-user" of the free/libre software.

To be very extreme, I can write a free/libre software and NOT to share it  
with anyone. In other words, anyone else don't even know the existence of the  
free/libre software. Then this is called a "trivial free/libre software".  
Though it does no good, it does no bad (as proprietary software does) either.

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