[Trisquel-users] installing Trisquel 8 and mini fail on x60s

psyqui at icloud.com psyqui at icloud.com
Tue Jul 30 02:02:21 CEST 2019

Yes I think I should at least install Libreboot then see some things so I  
have been trying to install on the x60s but it is difficult. Or rather, maybe  
it is not difficult, as you say,

 >Using guides are good, but sometimes outdated, or some critical parts aren't  
explained well,

This is only my feelings but it seems that I cannot think nothing but they  
have no intention to share the method straight. It seems that "education"  
might be the pretext, but it causes the doubt that that "There might be some  
inconvenience to teach or share the information". Isn't it natural?

As I wrote here:

Frankly there is perfectly no reason that average users become willing users  
of this kind of stuff, like the Serbian English teacher. Or rather, they have  
bad feelings for this kind of stuff. They are rejecting. Should I show an  
example what I am having trouble with.
Why paste a link in the instruction pages? What is cd? dd? 2. From the  
libreboot_bin or libreboot_util/ directory??
Why despite it can be done internally, cannot I do that one or two clicks?
I appreciate that there are so-called libre stuff. I have read an article  
that Libreboot has an intention to let even normal users install coreboot  
easily so this would be the easist way, it must be my childish complaint, but  
absolutely the English teacher would not be willing to do it. That means  
almost 100% people will never flash bios of their devices by themselves. If  
we know what we will get from flashing it but I am not still sure what I will  
Ahh I am saying the same thing again...
I hope the nadebula's documents will be great stuff that like "This is great,  
I don't need other documents to do ***..." but I have a question if there is  
necessity to do it now. Because... how many years went past since... is my  
current frank feelings. Or rather I have been having the feelings... zzz...  
If you sold x60 for $200 including everthing, I would buy it. Should I also  
start Libreshop in Japan.

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