[Trisquel-users] installing Trisquel 8 and mini fail on x60s

psyqui at icloud.com psyqui at icloud.com
Sun Jul 28 19:38:15 CEST 2019

It took almost two years since I thought "What is GNU/Linux.".
I got to know Thinkpads have many fans and parts and data. I am going to keep  
using GNU/Linux but this is really my weak subject. When I was a kid, there  
was a popular toy which name was Mini 4WD. It was a car toy and we had to  
assemble it from a kit. The toy just runs straight with no controller. I  
think it was quite simple structure but my Mini 4WD did not run. The sadness  
was engraved in my memory. Looking back, it was RR or midship, not 4WD.  Also  
I have written Basic when I was a kid. There was a famous FC game which name  
was Dragon Quest (maybe it was called Dragon Worrier abroad) and the chief  
developer Yuji Horii wrote a book of Basic. I entered commands on the black  
screen of PC-8800 or something according to his instruction like 10... 20...  
you can add other order later between 10 and 20... oh I see... bla bla bla  
but nothing happened. I have not much conviction for this kind of stuff.  
Maybe I have not much tolerance to this kind of frustration. But thank you. I  
will try. 

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