[Trisquel-users] Questions About Keepassxc, VeraCrypt, ZuluCrypt and Some Others

sk6354 at tutamail.com sk6354 at tutamail.com
Tue Jul 23 01:16:34 CEST 2019


This is the first time that I signed on to this forum. It's good to be here!

I have been into computers since the 1980s beginning with the Commodore 64,  
and later, the IBM XT with Windows 1.0 and OS/2. Then, in the early 1990s, I  
got involved with a Linux group at a local college. Though I knew much less  
than my fellow members at the Linux SIG (Special Interest Group), I started  
an off-campus extension of that SIG with those members to spend more time  
learning about what I later learned was actually GNu/Linux. Although, I  
mostly used MS Windows because it had the programs I could easily use to  
publish newsletters, etc, I began to buy books like Yggdrasil, Running Linux  
by Matt Welsh, and a number of others to learn more. Over the years, I tried  
dozens of GNu/Linux distros via CD like Redhat. At my local SIG, the project  
leader in the early 1990s introduced me to Debian, which he began to help out  
with. Later on, I began to use various Ubuntus, a derivative of Debian, which  
I also used.

Being interested in security, privacy, and freedom, which most people really  
do not seem to be interested in, no matter what they might say, I became  
interested in "free" software, and I found that of all the "free" software  
that I could find listed on Distrowatch years ago, I preferred Trisquel.  
Since I do not like Gnome3, I won't use PureOS, a derivative of Trisquel.

At the moment, I'm using a derivative of Devuan, an offshoot of Debian,  
because it does not employ "systemd," but because Star, that derivative that  
I use, uses the blob-infested Linux kernel, and not the "free" version, and  
it is the easiest for me to use, I decided to go back to Trisquel.

Right off the bat, I have several questions. With Star, I have been using  
Keepassxc, a more up to date version of Keepassx, and I noticed that your  
repository does not carry it. Do you plan to, or is there something wrong  
with it in some way? Also, I use VeraCrypt and sometimes, ZuluCrypt, and I  
noticed that you do not carry either one in your repository. Are they both  
actually non-free?

I am not a coder of programs though I did give early Basic a try, and I have  
created several websites using HTML and CSS along with JS plugins for many  
years. I would appreciate it if you could answer my few questions.

Keep up the great work!

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