[Trisquel-users] Trisquel 7 and Trisquel 8 Question

pieternobel at mykolab.com pieternobel at mykolab.com
Mon Jul 22 10:03:18 CEST 2019


Thanks for the information. It is good to know that I should definitely  
upgrade to Trisquel 8.
I will design a plan to upgrade to Trisquel 8.

In Software updater I got the following message:

Failed to download repository information
Check your internet connection.
Settings..., Try Again, OK.

I checked my internet connection. Visiting internet webpage is possible and  
Wifi shows that it has a good connection.

(With "Try Again" I got the same above message.)

I also tried to updating software via terminal:

sudo apt update

I got the following message:

E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found.
N: Is the package apt-transport-https installed?

Then I tried from source  

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https

then I got the following message:

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package apt-transport-https

 From Information from source  
https://www.tecmint.com/fix-unable-to-locate-package-error-in-debian-9/ I  
tried to do this:

sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list

Then I got:

# deb cdrom:[Trisquel 7.0 _belenos_ - Release amd64 (20141102)]/ belenos main

# Trisquel repositories for supported software and updates
deb http://nl.archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/ belenos main
deb-src http://nl.archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/ belenos main
deb http://archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/ belenos-security main
deb-src http://nl.archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/ belenos-security main
deb http://nl.archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/ belenos-updates main
deb-src http://nl.archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/ belenos-updates main
# deb http://fr.archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/ belenos-backports main
# deb-src http://fr.archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/ belenos-backports main

I see belenos. But I should have flidas I think.

Can anybody help what the next action is?
What should I understand to solve this problem?

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