[Trisquel-users] Auto-sync data across multiple devices (GNU/Linux & Lineage)

amuza at riseup.net amuza at riseup.net
Mon Jul 22 01:33:14 CEST 2019

With Syncthing, you do not need to have every device in the same network. But  
you are right, when syncing many devices, Syncthing might make you miss the  
piece of mind of a server-client architecture.

On the Nextcloud client for Android, I agree. It is very sad, you cannot  
easily configure a 2-way sync directory, and they do not fix it (at least for  
the last years on F-Droid versions).

I have not tested it, but someone told me Seafile syncs better than Nextcloud  
and its Android client is ok too. I have never tried it, if you do, please  
let me know.

By the the way, if you really need a phone, have you ever considered to  
abandon Lineage and try Replicant : ?

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