[Trisquel-users] 32-bit boot, 64-bit CPU

hcheng5 at mail.csuchico.edu hcheng5 at mail.csuchico.edu
Wed Jul 17 13:37:11 CEST 2019

Hi everyone, new the forum here and looking to become a Trisquel user.

I have a Macbook2,1 that has a 32-bit EFI but a 64-bit CPU.  It seems this  
issue was resolved in the Ubuntu community where there is a workaround for a  
64-bit installation on a 32-bit EFI, something to do with creating a 32-bit  
boot sector on the ISO?

I'm wondering whetehr this problem has ever been addressed and resolved in  
Trisquel, and if so, preferrably with Libreboot.

Thank you

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