[Trisquel-users] Can nMap be made to work with IPv6 addresses in a file ?

amenex at amenex.com amenex at amenex.com
Mon Jul 15 20:09:27 CEST 2019

Starting with this essential command:
 > time awk < IPv4.txt '{ print $2"\t"}' - | sudo nmap -6 -T4 --max-retries 8  
- > Intm.IPv4.txt

Take my word for it: Works great, no hassles, but time-consuming for the  
computer; typically
about a minute for each address in the file, which generally is several  
thousand fields in length.

Now introduce the Modern Age:
 > time awk < Question-2Col-IPv6.txt '{ print $2"\t"}' - | sudo nmap -6 -T4  
--max-retries 8 - > Intm.Question-2Col-IPv6.txt

Not so great; here's the response, truncated greatly:

 >> setup_target: failed to determine route to 2a0d:7c40:3000:98c::2
 >> WARNING: No targets were specified, so 0 hosts scanned.

I tried simplification:

 > time sudo nmap -6 -iL Question-IPv6.txt > Intm.Question-IPv6.txt

One-at-a-time might work, but there are thousands to be scanned.

The first file has a column $1 that represents a count of the number of  
instances in the dataset
and a column $2 of IPv6 addresses; there aren't any hostnames in this  
dataset, which is the point
of my exercise.

The second file is a simplified version with only a single column of some  
typical IPv6 addreses.

There aren't many Recent Visitors found with my searches that have IPv6  
addresses, but there surely
will be ... have to be ready for those ! I used nslookup on a few with  
decidedly mixed results.; nMap
does much better with recalcitrant IPv4 addresses in datasets which have not  
had their IPv4 addresses
gratuitously converted to [unresolvable] hostnames.

George Langford

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