[Trisquel-users] Can't seem to install virtualbox

canoodle admin4 at dwaves.de
Mon Jul 15 08:56:12 CEST 2019

i really like virtualbox... but if something is free your data is
probably the product (and sold).

virtualbox started as a German Tech company was bought by Oracle.

it is very interesting that they offer a "extension" that does not ship
per default, which enables USB 2.0 and 3.0 (more spy code?)

Oracle founder has/had ties to CIA in fact the name Oracle was a CIA
project.... having that reputation (also not for Java) is is not so great.

what alternatives are there? quemu kvm? (also pretty nice actually check
out GPU pass through with KVM:
allowing you to theoretically run windows games on a windows running on
linux host)

Am 7/15/19 um 8:33 AM schrieb xliang9550 at live.cn:
> This is because of unmet dependencies. But since VirtualBox is in
> Debian's "contrib" and Ubuntu's "multiverse" repositories, there is
> certain freedom issue with it. Therefore it is not recommended.

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