[Trisquel-users] thanks to everyone involved and: Re: Hardware Recommendations

canoodle admin4 at dwaves.de
Mon Jul 15 07:23:21 CEST 2019

first of all: hats off - trisquel is one fine distro on a lenovo x60s
and other lenovos it will just run very well.

yes - the free open source libre drivers only concept will drive a lot
of people nuts because their wifi and other network related stuff will
not work.

but if you can not trust your network card - what can you trust?

(will have to use a usb wifi dongle from http://libre.thinkpenguin.com
if you want it on a newer lenovo... but then there will probably be more
chips you can not trust, it is really time for free open source hardware
designs... RISC-V based laptop, where are you?)

you can build your own for around units 250 of your official currency.

My Guide to free as possible do it yourself a libreBooted laptop:


core 2 duo is still reasonably fast if you also install a ssd

also: if you are concerned about privacy you SHOULD tunnel ALL traffic
(ALL! Including DNS queries) over tor and disable javascript.

so where is the guide to how to build your all-onion-router that does that?

buy more of those instead of raspberries and hope that it happens soon!


(no they are not yet full desktop replacements... people are working on
a "Libre VGA card" but it's a lot of work)

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