[Trisquel-users] Transmission won't connect to trackers in Trisquel 8

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Sun Jul 14 20:10:14 CEST 2019

> > $ sudo apt purge transmission && sudo apt install transmission
> Hmm, that seems to have worked. No idea why, but thanks for the tip. I
> would have tried that before posting here, but for some reason I thought
> Transmission was part of the default desktop package, and that if I tried
> to uninstall it, apt would want to uninstall all the default DE packages
> with it.

$ apt depends trisquel | grep transmission
  Recommends: transmission-gtk

It looks like the trisquel metapackage recommends, rather than depends
on, transmission-gtk. "transmission" actually appears to be a

$ apt depends transmission
  Depends: transmission-common (>= 2.84-3ubuntu3.1)
 |Depends: transmission-gtk (>= 2.84-3ubuntu3.1)
 |Depends: transmission-qt (>= 2.84-3ubuntu3.1)
  Depends: transmission-cli (>= 2.84-3ubuntu3.1)

Recommended packages, unlike dependencies, can be removed without
removing the parent package. However, even if trisquel depended on
transmission, it would still be safe to remove:

If a metapackage A has dependencies B, C, and D, removing D does remove
A, but does not remove B or C. A doesn't actually do anything except
install its dependencies, so removing it is harmless, usually. An
exception is a situation like upgrading from Belenos to Flidas. If a
Belenos user has removed trisquel, then when upgrading the Flidas the
*new* dependencies of trisquel (like mate-desktop-environment) will not
be installed, resulting in a broken desktop.
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