[Trisquel-users] Abrowser or IceCat?

sevn at disroot.org sevn at disroot.org
Wed Jul 10 01:29:36 CEST 2019

Looking for anyone's opinion here. Here we have an OS that's certified by the  
FSF and GnuProject and it's native browser vs the FSF and GnuProject's own  

So freedom-wise they should be in the exact same landscape.

But what about other areas like performance, features, design (highly  
subjective, but I'm interested in people's opinions on everything - even  
highly subjective matters) etc.

Me personally I think IceCat does a way better job at handing out  
information/protection to potential inexperienced users in regards to the  
Javascript situation. On the default front page there are checkboxes for  
enabling LibreJS extension and for disabling/enabling JS as a whole.

It's been a while since I reinstalled the OS (and/or reinstalled Abrowser)  
but I don't think Abrowser has any of that information by default.

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