[Trisquel-users] Transmission won't connect to trackers in Trisquel 8

strypey at disintermedia.net.nz strypey at disintermedia.net.nz
Tue Jul 9 10:07:25 CEST 2019

 > $ sudo apt purge transmission && sudo apt install transmission

Hmm, that seems to have worked. No idea why, but thanks for the tip. I would  
have tried that before posting here, but for some reason I thought  
Transmission was part of the default desktop package, and that if I tried to  
uninstall it, apt would want to uninstall all the default DE packages with  

Thanks too to Mistah Darcy for the suggestion to try uBitTorrent. There are  
certainly some things I like about it, the UI makes more detailed information  
more easily available about what's happening with each torrent, tracker etc.  
But overall I like the Transmission UI better, it just feels better  
integrated with the Mate desktop. The only time it lets me down on that front  
is when it refuses, to snap to half the screen when dragged against one side,  
as other windows usually do.

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