[Trisquel-users] Start a Business Using Only Free and Open Source Tools!

info at libreshop.eu info at libreshop.eu
Mon Jul 8 00:23:04 CEST 2019

I know, there exist beautifull designed free software.
When I writed my reply, I was thinking more like:
Microsoft Office vs LibreOffice(which came from OpenOffice)
MacOs desktop vs mate (of course you can confugire it, but macos is already  

Personally I switched to i3-gaps and adapta-nokto theme and papyrus icon set.  
Thanks to threads on this forum :)

A little bit of "agressive" marketing can help :)
Example, convincing a hardware producer to sell with Free os, instead of  
Adding ads on website(like youtube, facebook, twitter), so more people can  
see it and know about FreeSoftware. I know this is a little bit against the  
principles, but the more people know it, the more people will be interested.
Try to convince family and friends in using FreeSoftware and Hardware.
Try to convince non-profits to use freeSoftware(software can be free, so let  
them pay for the service), reusing refurbished hardware is more  
ecological(with libreboot) and cheaper then buying a new hardware to replace  
every 3-4 years, because we can't update the firmware.
When deploying a service for a client, explain the license they apply for and  
whatever they can do with it, and what they can't do.
While doing business with clients, try to convince them multiple times(give  
your personal experience with FreeSoftware).

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