[Trisquel-users] Start a Business Using Only Free and Open Source Tools!

davidpgil at protonmail.com davidpgil at protonmail.com
Sun Jul 7 15:38:56 CEST 2019

I know of a few free software projects out there that are "beautiful" as you  
say and not "retro". The good thing about free software is that we can decide  
to make it beautiful or modern if we care to do so. non-free software is not  
always modern and beautiful and if you as a user wanted to make it beautiful,  
you couldn't.

if free software was sold more often, we might be able to clear up the  
preconception that free software must be also low quality. part of the reason  
why i brought up this topic, was to discuss how we can make free software  
more immediately and obviously more valuable than proprietary software. is  
locking down the source code the only way to make money from software?

This is important to reflect on.

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