[Trisquel-users] Setting up a server

info at libreshop.eu info at libreshop.eu
Sat Jul 6 10:19:26 CEST 2019

If you just want to host static files. Just installing apache is enough,  
there is also nginx, which works the same way, just configuration is  
different. Use the one you are familiar with.

You don't need to change to another server if you plan to host only static  
server. Most of the other things(you mentioned) can also be installed next to  
it. But if you are going to have lots of users, which will use all those  
programs, then you can consider upgrading to x200/T400 or to servers  
mentioned at Libreboots website with more ram/cpu/disc-space.

Or another way is to host everything on different less powered servers, so  
each one performs only specific task.

For hosting from home, you need to do couple of things.
1) open port 80 and 443 at your isp's website. (Most isp's blocks them for  
"security" reason)
2) if you received a router from your isp, with custom firmware, open the  
ports there as well.
2.1) you need to forward those ports to your servers (local)ip address.
3a) if you have a static ip, go to your search provider and type "what is my  
ip", if you dont use a vpn service(nordvpn, expressvpn, ...) or tor, then you  
can see your ip, provided by your isp)
3b) if you don't have static ip from you isp, subscribe to a dynamic dns  
service(no-ip.com, dyndns.com, ...) (I will use dyndns in this post as an  
example, but you are free to use another)
3b.1) if it's possible, set the dyndns credentials in your routers gui
3b.2) if router isn't an option, install dyndns client in your server and  
enter your credentials.
3b.3) if you don't want to do that, try to find the endpoints of dyndns, and  
make a cron job on your server(every hour), to make an http request to that  
endpoint using curl or wget. So it will update your ip every hour.

Be carefull: when you host from home, your ip and location will be tracable.
If it is possible, set a vlan on your router, so you separate your server  
traffic from your private traffic. If vlan is difficult, connect your servers  
directly to your router provided by your isp and disable wifi, connect  
another router(with librecmc) to a free ethernet port on your isp-router, and  
use the librecmc router to connect all your private devices, and you can  
setup vpn tor adblock, whatever you want in it and enable wifi.

Once your static server is setup, you can go to the url provided by  
dyndns(something like blablabla.dyn-dns.net), and you can see your webpage.

Btw, if you also want https access, use let's  
encrypt(https://certbot.eff.org/lets-encrypt/ubuntuxenial-apache), follow the  
steps there after installing apache.

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