[Trisquel-users] Setting up a server

jbahn at mykolab.com jbahn at mykolab.com
Fri Jul 5 22:49:26 CEST 2019


I have for long wanted to setup my own server but every time I get stock.  
There are loads of sites apparently explaining and illustrating how to do  
including https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/server

Yet I haven't found one that helps me - with my level of (lack of) knowledge  
- sufficiently to understand what is needed, how to install it and how to set  
it up.

I wish to be able to host a few sites (i.e. a number of domains) like simple  
pages, blogs etc. I would like some sort of upload via email system (i.e. I  
send an email to a specific address which posts the content on my site)

I also wish to setup my own
* email server
* encrypted file storage (with multiple users so I can host e.g. my cousins  
back-up files without me being able to know their content)
* encrypted etherpad

LATER I would like to learn how to setup
* a vpn service
* a tor node
* a video/chat instance
and more

So I want to start with a server that can host simple pages and blogs and  
later be 'upgraded' to host various features like the ones mentioned above.

First question: Which computer should I use? Naturally I want to run free  
software exclusively, i.e. on Libreboot and Trisquel.  Will it suffice with a  
T60? Will it be much better with X200 or a T400, or should I use something  
else? Are there some minimum requirements or recommendations regarding CPU,  
RAM, bandwidth etc.?

Secondly, I need to know which software to install. If it is not too  
difficult or cumbersome I would like to start by setting up a basic server  
which I can later 'expand' to the more advanced features (rather than having  
to install totally different server software later).

Thirdly I need to know how to set it all up to ensure the proper  
functionality and privacy/security.

One issue I really don't understand is how to make the server accessible from  
the internet.

I hope you guys will help me with advise, knowledge and links to good reads.  
Since I do not have much spare time, this project will probably last some  
time. On top of getting my own server, I hope to be able to make a good guide  
based on my experiences and the synthesis of your help.

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