[Trisquel-users] Italian administration goes Open Source, and that will benefit Free Software

Narcis Garcia informatica at actiu.net
Fri Jul 5 09:42:18 CEST 2019

You've described a common environment with Spain, France, Greece, etc.
including same proverb and including Windows XP.

I suppose other people can identify this in more countries too.

El 4/7/19 a les 11:25, vanacksabbadium at gmail.com ha escrit:
> I'm italian, so this is an amazing news for me as an italian citizen.
> However, i know italian people. We say "fatta la legge, trovato
> l'inganno", that means literally "created the law, found the trick".
> When the article says that "public administration MIGHT use proprietary
> software but it has to justify it", i read it as "everyone will found a
> way to use proprietary software by finding excuses to not use free and
> open source software". Why? Because that's how italian people usually do
> things. And that is sad and shameful.
> I hope someone will care about open source enough to make a statement
> and a change in italian administration, which is very obsolete (some
> offices still use Windows XP...) as today.

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