[Trisquel-users] Why does Trisquel uses own mirrors, bulids own packages?

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Thu Jul 4 23:28:00 CEST 2019

> I've found quite the opposite over the years - Debian just works,
> whereas trying to run Ubuntu is usually an endless series of strange
> work-arounds for dealing with all the unusual decisions Canonical
> makes.

You might be right. I haven't used Debian or Ubuntu extensively, and
I've only directly compared the installation process. I found Ubuntu's
to be better. Ubuntu has a nicer graphical installer, and all of the
hardware worked out of the box whereas the trackpad didn't work in
Debian. Also, I tried multiple Debian live ISOs, but couldn't actually
get to a live session on any of them. I booted straight into the
installer. It's possible that I just had bad luck though, and that
Debian is usually better.

> Additionally, Ubuntu is simply basing their versions on Debian testing
> - if you want the same up-to-date versions, Debian testing is just as
> available for Trisquel.

Debian stable is also based on Debian testing. The difference is that
Debian uses two-year snapshots with a long freeze period for each
release, whereas Ubuntu uses six-month snapshots and uses every fourth
snapshot as an LTS release. It would be *much* more work to base
Trisquel on Debian testing, because Trisquel would have to freeze and
maintain its own snapshots.

> Regardless - you are much closer to the kitchen where Trisquel is
> cooked up and you have seen the process in action, so I'll take your
> word for it that it's better to work from Ubuntu.

Not necessarily better, just not worse. Although Debian's default
configuration is more free than Ubuntu's, the distros are otherwise
equally free. Since Trisquel has its own default configuration, there
wouldn't be any fewer freedom issues to address by switching to Debian
as a base.
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