[Trisquel-users] Why does Trisquel uses own mirrors, bulids own packages?

andyprough at protonmail.com andyprough at protonmail.com
Thu Jul 4 22:19:03 CEST 2019

 > So there wouldn't really be any advantages to basing Trisquel on Debian,
whereas there are advantages to basing Trisquel on Ubuntu: Ubuntu is
more beginner-friendly than Debian, the packages in Ubuntu's LTS
releases are newer than those in Debian's stable releases, lots of
online documentation is written to work with Ubuntu, etc.

I've found quite the opposite over the years - Debian just works, whereas  
trying to run Ubuntu is usually an endless series of strange work-arounds for  
dealing with all the unusual decisions Canonical makes. And the online  
documentation for Debian tends to be more organized than the dog's breakfast  
of material written up for Ubuntu by its millions of users. In fact, if  
there's one distribution where you can get an unlimited number of competing  
opinions on how to resolve a problem - it's Ubuntu. Additionally, Ubuntu is  
simply basing their versions on Debian testing - if you want the same  
up-to-date versions, Debian testing is just as available for Trisquel.

Regardless - you are much closer to the kitchen where Trisquel is cooked up  
and you have seen the process in action, so I'll take your word for it that  
it's better to work from Ubuntu. I appreciate your feedback. 

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