[Trisquel-users] Why does Trisquel uses own mirrors, bulids own packages?

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Thu Jul 4 21:19:54 CEST 2019

> I would imagine that for many packages, Trisquel's devs are having to
> strip out Ubuntu stuff that didn't even exist and wasn't even a
> problem with the original Debian package.

Not really. Freedom-wise the differences between Debian and Ubuntu are
(1) Debian's default kernel is blobless and (2) Debian's non-free
repositories are disabled by default. Neither of these differences is
relevant to Trisquel development. Which repositories are enabled by
default only affects users who install Debian or Ubuntu, and the kernel
would still need to be modified anyway for FSDG reasons other than

Ubuntu gets most of the non-free software in its apt repositories from
Debian. Ubuntu's snap repository contains additional non-free software
from third parties, but Debian uses Ubuntu's snap repository too, so
this still isn't a difference between Debian and Ubuntu.

Modifications to Ubuntu packages mostly fall under two categories: (1)
removing Ubuntu branding and (2) fixing freedom issues in mostly-free
packages. Both would still be necessary if Trisquel were based on
Debian. Debian packages have just as much Debian branding (occasionally
I'll even come across Debian branding in Trisquel that the Ubuntu devs
missed), and the freedom issues are usually from the upstream developer,
so they are present in both Debian and Ubuntu.

So there wouldn't really be any advantages to basing Trisquel on Debian,
whereas there are advantages to basing Trisquel on Ubuntu: Ubuntu is
more beginner-friendly than Debian, the packages in Ubuntu's LTS
releases are newer than those in Debian's stable releases, lots of
online documentation is written to work with Ubuntu, etc.
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