[Trisquel-users] Why does Trisquel uses own mirrors, bulids own packages?

jason at bluehome.net jason at bluehome.net
Thu Jul 4 17:38:39 CEST 2019

Trisquel has to have its own repositories for a multiple reasons. Here's one,  
from https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-system-distribution-guidelines.html to  

"A free system distribution must not steer users towards obtaining any  
nonfree information for practical use, or encourage them to do so. The system  
should have no repositories for nonfree software and no specific recipes for  
installation of particular nonfree programs. Nor should the distribution  
refer to third-party repositories that are not committed to only including  
free software; even if they only have free software today, that may not be  
true tomorrow. Programs in the system should not suggest installing nonfree  
plugins, documentation, and so on."

In the context of Trisquel, Ubuntu would be a "third party repository"  
because it's neither Trisquel's own repository nor the user's own personal  

A second reason to rebuild in replacing the name. As far as replacing the  
name, I don't imagine Canonical would be happy if Trisquel were going around  
with the Ubuntu name everywhere, potentially confusing people into thinking  
that maybe Trisquel *is* in fact Ubuntu? Trisquel doesn't come from Canonical  
after all. Just like Abrowser is not Firefox, and Mozilla would have a fit if  
the Trisquel project were going around saying Abrowser is in fact Firefox.  
What's in a name? One word: Trademarks!

A third reason to rebuild is  

"For example, Canonical, Ltd.'s original policy required that redistributors  
"needed to recompile the source code to create [their] own binaries""

And so since Canonical adds add (non-free) terms to non-copyleft things, that  
basically makes all non-copyleft stuff in Ubuntu non-free just because  
they're adding on extra terms to them. (Which as the article says was  
originally a GPL violation because the GPL doesn't allow people to add extra  
terms and even though that seems solved for packages under the GPL nothing  
changed for non-GPL packages and so their non-free terms remain.)

And yes, Trisquel has its own build infrastructure. See  
https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/how-trisquel-made The last I heard I think it  
was in France? Or somewhere in the E.U.; I forget. 

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