[Trisquel-users] Start a Business Using Only Free and Open Source Tools!

ricardo63 at autistici.org ricardo63 at autistici.org
Wed Jul 3 11:09:44 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I am new here and I was also thinking about this issue since I read this  
post. I agree with Andy that there are some big opportunities/needs in  
different fields, mainly healthcare and education.
We already have a GNU Project that could help in the healthcare field: GNU  
Health (http://gnuhealth.org/home). I am already working with them trying to  
improve their Data Protection features, encryption is already there but there  
is more to do: transparency, unlinkability, ability to intervene. It would be  
quite good if we could build an use case in the USA and it could be a nice  
begin for this new business.
Another project would be to develop some kind of GNU Privacy as an  
Information System for different kinds of organizations. Sadly I am not a  
developer but I would like to contact anybody interested in such a project. 

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