[Trisquel-users] Start a Business Using Only Free and Open Source Tools!

andyprough at protonmail.com andyprough at protonmail.com
Tue Jul 2 20:51:49 CEST 2019

I've been thinking about your post since you wrote it. There's a big  
opportunity in the fields of online sales and of healthcare in America and  
Europe, where there are huge financial penalties for companies and hospitals  
who get their customer's/patient's data hacked.

If you could show them how to encrypt and organize their transactions and  
database records using libre hardware and libre software that can be fully  
audited, you could find some potential customers. With the powerful Talos II  
fully libre hardware servers, once Trisquel 9 is released and supports Talos  
II's Power9 processors, you could have a fully libre stack to promote. And a  
stack that could compete with the latest Wintel offerings in terms of  
processing speed.

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