[Trisquel-users] Problems installing GNU Health on Trisquel 8

ricardo63 at autistici.org ricardo63 at autistici.org
Mon Jul 1 14:48:01 CEST 2019


I am new in this forum and would be very thankful for any help on this issue.

I am trying to install GNU Health on a fresh Trisquel 8 system and it looks  
like there is some problem with Python pip. I wrote the GNU Health leader and  
here I send you his answer:
"I guess you can always install it. All the python packages that GNU Health  
uses are Libre, so no worries on that.

PS: You should talk to the Trisquel team, and ask them to include pip.The  
argument of not including pip because there might be some non-free software  
on pypi, IMHO, is way restrictive".

Other recommendations were:

-"As a last ressort (not nice, but a possibility) you could try

- or tryng with Debian.

But I would be very happy to achieve an installation on Trisquel that would  
be also useful for other users.

Best regards,


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