[Trisquel-users] Re : Icecat seems very outdated, what browser *should* one be using?

lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br
Wed Feb 27 14:08:35 CET 2019

The section "Path Search" of 'man sh' explains what the PATH variable is for:

When locating a command, the shell first looks to see if it has a shell  
function by that name.  Then it looks for a builtin command by that name.  If  
a builtin command is not found, one of two things happen:
      1.   Command names containing a slash are simply executed without  
performing any searches.
      2.   The shell searches each entry in PATH in turn for the command.  The  
value of the PATH variable should be a series of entries separated by colons.  
  Each entry consists of a directory name.  The current directory may be  
indicated implicitly by an empty directory name, or explicitly by a single  

Executing '/home/$USER/icecat/icecat' (or simply '~/icecat/icecat') works  
too: it is the first "thing" in the excerpt I quoted above.  But it is faster  
to only type 'icecat', what requires an file named "icecat" in one of the  
directory listed in $PATH.

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