[Trisquel-users] Re : Trisquel continuously crashing, the state of the FOSS community

lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br
Mon Feb 25 12:06:02 CET 2019

After each crash, I would peruse the syslog only to find  
indicator-application-service acting up for several lines just before each  
crash, saying something about how there was already an instance running.

"indicator" does not occur in the syslog you attached.

Come to think of it, the RAM may very well be the issue.

And, yet, you go on and on on how the whole free software movement is the  
reason for the problem you face.

The seller may have upgraded the RAM before reselling the unit to me. No  
matter; I'm not going to downgrade the RAM merely to make it usable, it would  
make more sense to fix the bug.

You do not fix a defective RAM stick.  You remove/substitute it.

Where would Memtest86+ be logging its output to, if anywhere?

Memtest86+ is launched from a bootloader (that may be that on a live ISO).   
It is a tiny operating system dedicated to testing the RAM.  It outputs  
errors (if any) on the screen, which then turns red:  

Run for a whole night.

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